| Current Version: 0.0.11
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Config.yml and CLI Command


You can configure most of the names of all the standard files and folders.

But the most important things in the config.yml is the foldersToCopy section which folder in the themes folder is copied to the /static folder in the build phase.

The other thing is the output folder the default is the "build" in the the same folder as your project is but you can change this to an other folder on your hard drive.

Every Available Config in DisOrder and its default:

"baseTemplateFolder": "themes"
"baseMetaDataFolder": "meta"
"baseArticlesFolder": "articles"
"baseStaticFolder": "static"

    - "themes/css"

"baseTemplateFile": "base.html"
"indexCSS": "static/css/index.css"
"indexHtml": "indexTheme.html"
"articleHtml": "baseArticle.html"
"metaDataFileArticels": "articles.yml"
"metaDataFilePages": "pages.yml"
"output": "build"
"baseurl": "/"

Metadata Files

The articles.yml and pages.yml are the files you add all the articles and pages to. Only these are then created in the build phase.

Every Article and Page has a Name, Folder and URL attribute that are used by DisOrder to know where to copy and create them. And Articles get an Date attribute that is used in the theme.

You can add your custom one also like a lang flag to show what language your articles is or similar things.

Here is the one of the Installation Page:

    name: Installation
    date: 2013-02-09
    folder: installation
    url: documentation/installation

DisOrder CLI Command

$ disorder build

Builds the website to the output folder.

Shortcut: -b

Options: --server or -s start the server after build

$ disorder server

Starts a server on localhost:8000

Shortcut: -s

$ disorder init [NAME]

Create a new DisOrder Project.

Shortcut: -i

Parameter (optional): add a project name so it creates a new folder with this name.

$ disorder generate TYPE NAME

Creates a new Article or Page with a name

Shortcut: -g


  • Type: page or article depends what you want to create.
  • name: the name of your article or page

$ disorder version

Show the current version if the disorder gem

Shortcut: -v

DisOrder Project Folder Structure

Here is an example structure of a DisOrder Folder

|-- config.yml
|-- articles
|   |-- hello_world
|   |   |-- index.md
|   |-- Freedom
|   |   |-- index.html
|   |   |-- css/
|   |   |-- js/
|   |   |-- fonts/
|   |   |-- images/
|-- meta
|   |-- articles.yml
|   |-- pages.yml
|-- static
|   |-- about
|   |   |-- index.md
|-- themes
|   |-- base.html
|   |-- baseArticle.html
|   |-- indexTheme.html
|   |-- css
|   |   |-- index.css
|   |   |-- style.css
|   |-- images/