| Current Version: 0.0.11
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HTML Articles

Every Article or Page can have its own HTML, CSS or Javascript. The only thing you have to do is to add them to your articles folder.


For your own html create an index.html and no index.md. This HTML file is interpreted through ERB so you can write ruby in it.


Add a CSS folder to your articles folder and all the contents get aromatically copied to the output/static/css folder. The Path of the style.css file gets automatically included in the @CSSblock tag in the base theme. So you need a style.css but in it you can import all other css files if you want to.


Add a js folder to your articles folder and all the files in it get included in the head of the article page. You need to have the @jsBlock in your base theme.


Add all your fonts to the a fonts folder in your articles folder and all get copied to the output/static/fonts folder. So you can include them in your css files.


Add a images folder and link them in your CSS or HTML file.


You can also add the css, javascript, fonts and images folder if you use a index.md and no index.html file as your article content