| Current Version: 0.0.11
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New Project

After you installed DisOrder you can create a new Project like this:

$ disorder init myblog

If you already created the Project folder because you want to have an .rmvc or other gems planned you to use you can also use it without a project name:

$ disorder init

Building the Website

DisOrder already created 2 test sites so you can build the website:

$ disorder build

And to start a web server to look at it:

$ disorder server
# Look at http://localhost:8000

Or if you're lazy:

$ disorder -b -s  

Adding new Articles

Adding new articles is easy:

$ disorder generate article NAME 

And for a new Static Page

$ disorder generate page NAME

This generates an Markdown file in articles/NAME/index.md you can edit.

Execute disorder build again and see the new Article.