| Current Version: 0.0.11
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The base.html is your main layout it has your header and your footer in it links all your CSS, Javascript in it.

The tags you have available are:

  • @title # A String of the Name from the Article or Page
  • @jsBlock # A Array of all the Javascript files for your Article or Page
  • @cssBlock # A String with the relative path to the style.css of your page or article
  • @contentBlock # The HTML or the contend of the baseArticle.html of your Article or Page


baseArticle.html is the HTML your markdown gets inserted.

The only tag that is available is:

  • @ArticleText # The processed Markdown


The front page of your site. It contains a list with all the metadata of all your articles.

  • @articles # The List of all your articles.

You can do something like this with it:

<% @articles.each_with_index  do |f, i| %>
    <a href="<%= config("baseurl") + f[1]["url"] %>">
        <%= f[1]["name"] %>
    <%= f[1]["date"] %>
 <% end %>

You can add more Metadata to every article in the meta/articles.yml file.

CSS, Javascript, Fonts and Images

Add a the folders to themes folder and specify the folders in config.yml in the foldersToCopy section. So you can have a scss folder in the themes folder and only the CSS folder is copied.


index.css is the CSS file that is used on the front page and on all the articles that don't have an css file on the own.

All the names of the Files and other things you can configure in config.yml